The Colour Purple

February’s birthstone is the ‘Royal Purple’ Amethyst. A beautiful and elegant gemstone. amethyst-gobletIf it were not for its widespread availability, amethyst would be very expensive. The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek and means “not drunken”. The shape of some Amethyst may resemble a bowl. That’s what the ancients used as drinking goblets. You might wonder why the colour is so pale. Amethyst comes in a group of colours. february-5-amethyst Purple is the most popular colour. Amethyst can be heated or irradiated to produce a green colour. The consumer is not aware of this process resulting in very few green amethyst pieces in jewellery stores.
Crystals form in what’s called ‘druzy’ crusts that may be found on the inside of some large volcanic rock pockets or “vugs”. Some of these vugs may have been formed from trees that were engulfed in a lava (or ash) flow. This would be millions of years ago in order to form the crystallization. Other vugs are gas bubbles found in the lava. Some vugs can be quite large. The colour of the crystals that form from ‘vugs’ are usually light to medium in color and only colored at the tops of the crystals. this would be your bright, deep purples.
Mohs scale ratings may not mean much to the customer. If we compare common items like a knife blade which is rated as 5 mohs. Window glass is 5.5 mohs and steel is 6.5 mohs. It will give you a better idea of the strength of an amethyst at 7 mohs.mohs-scale

With many years of experience, we, at Lorne Park Jewellers design jewellery for you.  Many customers have been delighted with custom work by Vanig that is unique and special.

Lorne Park Jeweller's Creation
Amethyst and Diamond Ring

With A keen eye and high standards of excellence, Vanig is passionate about his work and stays long hours after the store is closed to work on his designs. Vanig makes exquisite designs based on his wealth of knowledge in the jewellery business along with his passion for helping the customer with beautiful jewellery that lasts a lifetime and generations to come.
Just the other day, I received an email/testimonial from our website.
Request /Testimonial (Feb 2, 2017)

I have never given a testimonial for a business before but felt I must in this case. I needed to have my engagement ring redone. I worked with Vanig and told him what I was looking for and he designed the most perfect ring. When I received the ring I was overjoyed with the results. Both the quality and the price were excellent. I am extremely happy and will wear the ring with pride. I want to thank Vanig for his design and the honest advice he gave me. For anyone looking to have jewellery designed or re-designed and built you can count on Lorne Park Jewellers to give you the very best. Also, thanks to Raffi for his customer service. For all future needs, Lorne Park will be our jeweller of choice.
Peggy H.

What a lift! It fills my day with such joy and gratitude! We truly give our best to each and every one that selects our services and fine, quality jewellery.
vanig4At Lorne Park Jewellers, our quality gem stones have all been professionally graded. LPJ has an on-site Certified Gemologist (Vanig). Your diamond or any stone is of the highest quality at Lorne Park Jewellers.
A personal invitation from Vanig.
Lorne Park Jewellery Store, 1107 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga,ON, Canada.
Tel: 905-891-0001 email: info
Diamond Engagement Rings
cja_logoCANADIAN Mined Diamonds
Take confidence in knowing that every diamond engagement ring we sell is certified and appraised by a third-party (CJA).

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