December Blues

Breast-Plate with gems
Breast-Plate with gems

Modern birthstones did not exist until 1912, when the jewellers of America developed a standardized list of birthstones for each month. Some say that the idea of birthstones came from the Israeli tribes symbolizing a gem for each of the 12 tribes, The priests wore the gems on a breast-plate. It is thought that birthstones dated back to these origins. As far back as the 12 tribes of Israel written in the bible. With lack of documentation, it still remains a mystery.

December’s birthstones offer three ways to fight the winter blues: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise – all of them, are best known for beautiful shades of blue. The Blue Topaz is sometimes listed as December’s birthstone. It is said to be the most popular birthstone for December babies to celebrate their birth date. As long as it’s a blue gem seems to be the criteria. People often rely on their jeweller to tell the difference between a topaz, an aquamarine or tanzanite; even a blue sapphire. If you really want to know, visit Vanig, the gemologist at Lorne Park Jewellers. He will be happy talk with you about gems.


Blue Topaz
Brilliantly Cut Blue Topaz

The blue topaz, like most other gems come in many shades. A blue topaz will range from a pale clear blue to a vibrant blue. Topaz is rated as 8 (mohs ) on the hardness scale . A diamond is 10 mohs. The topaz is a hard, brilliant stone with a fine color range. In fact, the color of a topaz is more important than the size in determining its value. Because there is an abundance of clear, colourless topaz, they are given gamma rays and sometimes heat-treated to be enhanced into a brighter range of blues. This treatment is acceptable by the gemologist society. One of the amazing things about the topaz is that its crystals can grow to enormous sizes. Deposits of topaz can be found all over the world.

TANZANITE has slipped into December as another gem to represent the month. The Tanzanite stone is named after its country of origin Tanzania and is popular for its intense deep violet to blue color. Tanzanite rates a 6.5 – 7 on the hardness scale and has a brilliant luster. It is a relatively soft and brittle stone, nowhere near as hard as a sapphire or a diamond. Given proper care, it can last a long time. The typical color of tanzanite is blue with a violet tinge.

Deep Dark Tanzanite

The best way to clean your topaz is with warm soapy water. Never clean your topaz in a home ultrasonic cleaner or by using a steamer. A good gemologist will be able to tell you these facts when you are considering to purchase the topaz. It is important to know that the didyouknow2stone should be protected from any rapid temperature change, acids, or heat. Your topaz stone will start to lose its color if it is kept out in the sun or exposed to other kinds of heat. Both blue topaz (8 mohs) and tanzanite  (7 mohs) are durable stones. They may split when knocked or dropped. Jewellers are extra careful when working with softer stones. Their preferences are rubies (9 mohs) sapphires (9 mohs) and Emeralds (7.5–8 mohs) and of course diamonds (10 mohs).

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  1. I was born on the 28th of December and I really love Topaz, I’m presently looking for a topaz ornament that could be used as a birthday gift for a female friend born in December too

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