OPAL ~ October’s Birthstone

October birthstone OPAL has been used as a gemstone since Antiquity. Even though tourmaline is a more recent discovery. Tourmaline is  dubbed as the “Rainbow Gem” due to the wide variety of colors. When warmed, tourmaline creates static electricity. On the mohs scale, tourmaline has a hardness of  7-7.5, same as aquamarine and quartz. Diamonds are rated as 10 .

Opal comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala”. The Romans are known to have commonly used the words “opalus” to describe the semi-precious stone.  Opals is part of the mineraloid category. It is a shapeless form of silica. This is due to its water content that ranges between 3% to 21%.

TIFFANY OPAL NECKLACE ~ Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

If you actually want to stand out and bring a little bit of the grandeur of the Ancients, such as Queen Cleopatra, then opt for a Tourmaline or Opal necklace, as the one shown above.
Stand out and bring a little bit of the grandeur of the Ancients such as Queen Cleopatra: Green Tourmaline and Opal necklace ( as the one shown above).

The most abundant OPALS are mined in Australia. The Aussies have the best black opals along with red diamonds. Opals are deep underground and hard to mine. Once found, there is a rich abundant supply of Opals in many colours. Opals are 5.5-6.5 on the hardness scale. They are not precious gems but classified as a mineral. Their beauty is so magnificent that 10th month on the calendar year is celebrated by the OPAL!

Vanig-jellery designer for 35 years
Gemologist Vanig ~ Designer for 35 years

The artisans at Lorne Park Jewellers design many wedding rings, re-design your keepsakes and will create the most outstanding jewellery for your specification.
Thousands of designs to view with quality and perfection as your guide. Many of our customers are from Oakville to Toronto and beyond. We look forward to meeting you and will provide you with our knowledge and skills in your jewellery requirements.

How is Opal Valued? 
VANIG, a qualified gemologists determines the value of the OPAL at the body tone, brilliance, pattern and colour bar thickness. Other important factors are the play of colours and faults in the OPAL.

Custom Quality at Lorne Park Jewellers
Custom Quality at Lorne Park Jewellers

Vanig will examine the OPAL before purchasing it for customers. OPALS are so varied in color and style they are only purchased when customers request an OPAL pendant, earrings or rings. The customer will see the OPAL before it is fashioned into a cherished custom piece of jewellery. Good service is very important to us at Lorne Park Jewellers.

Typical Opals from Australia come in shimmering shades. You could safely say each opal is unique.

Opals from Australia
Opals from Australia

vanig4At Lorne Park Jewellers, our quality gem stones have all been professionally graded. LPJ has an onsite Certified Gemologist (Vanig). Your diamond or any stone is of the highest quality at Lorne Park Jewellers.
A personal invitation from Vanig.
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